Ice Mate

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The premium quality ice bag is coated with a leak-proof impermeable membrane to ensure spill free application. The ice bag is also specifically formulated to remove heat from the applied area whilst still preventing the injured area from over-cooling.

The bag is designed to keep the injured area at a temperature of 2 - 4 degrees Celsius, optimal for recovery and rehabilitation.


The Easy Grip Closure Cap has been designed to contain structured dimples which allow the ice bag to be securely fastened shut even while hands or the bag itself are cold or wet. The Dimples increase the surface area available for gripping and are intended to prevent slipping or fingers. The lid is tightened in a regular clockwise direction and also contains a rubber seal to prevent leakage and maintain a watertight seal.


The Neoprene Compression Strap allows for simultaneous compression and icing of an injured area (if desired, compression can be avoided by simply applying the wrap with less tension). Use the hook and loop closure on the wrap itself to apply to limb extremities including ankles, knees, or elbows, or unfurl the extension strap and take advantage of the further reach of this to apply the Ice Mate to harder to secure places like the shoulder, hip or ribs.